Sunday, 18 November 2007

MSBuild features for vNext

I love MSBuild, Nant and CruiseControl.Net for the complete process that they bring to building a solution. It is not often you get to contribute to the features that you would like to see next in one of these products. The MSBuild team have got a blog post asking for a survey on which features you would like them to work on for vNext.

Go here and spend your 100$(virtual) and make a difference.

If you still need convincing that an automated build is important, Jeff Atwood has a good post on why F5 is not your build process. His reference to Hacknot's if they come how will they build is too scarily close to the reality in far, far too many companies.

I try to do something to improve the build process everywhere I work. I believe we all should.

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